Don’t Amaze!!Anti Solar Panels can produce clean energy at night!!

Anti-Solar panels
Lighting up nights with Anti-Solar Panels

Why let the powers of darkness go to waste? Let us welcome Anti Solar Panel – a breakthrough in the renewable energy sector, researchers say ‘Anti-Solar Panels’ Could Generate Power at Night.

Isn’t that wonderful? Finally Darkness got a job!!

Get to know about background theories of Anti-solar panel in straightforward words, why this was important to innovate, the excellent scopes it has, and challenges we need to face ahead with this innovation.
Lets find out the process how this ‘reverse-solar cell’ can harness the energy from the darkness of nights.
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Anti-Solar Panel: A breakthrough in the renewable energy sector –

Daylights have always enjoyed privileges to be a part of productivity. Why not nights?
Ever wondered about generating light from darkness?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic? Yes!

We are already there!

While developing countries are transitioning from fossil fuels to renewable energy, developed countries are not sitting idle.
Renewable energy is progressing at its peak. Though Trump administration pulled out from the Paris Agreement, American researchers and the public are continuing their efforts.
Researchers and engineers from UCLA and Stanford University, California, paved the way to more progress on renewables. Their idea was very thoughtful.

To produce electricity from the darkness was unbelievable until now. It’s great news for us because we do not need to be sad bidding bye to the sun.
Nights are also a part of generating electric clean energy now. We have more hopes for sustainability in the energy sector, and this is the hotcake now!

Now its time to introduce What is the meaning of Anti Solar panel?

What is an Anti Solar Panel? Is it similar the terms of ‘Reverse-solar cell?

It is a fantastic device that uses the temperature difference between the panel and ambient temperature to generate power at night. When solar panels exhaust at a certain point at night, the anti-solar panel can be the savior. It uses the same method as Solar Panel but with the exact inverse process.

Anti-Solar Panel producing cleaner energy at night:Credit: Wei Li

This device is currently a breakthrough in the renewable energy sector. We are on the way to end the struggles to keep out lights on. At present, this is a prototype device, but if we can overcome the challenges, we can expect to install on our rooftops soon!


How Anti solar Panel Work?Turning Tides(Explanation of the theory used) –

An innovation is remarkable only if it is smart but simple. This is no exception. The background theory came from the natural process of Earth radiating the same amount of radiations that it absorbed from outer space; that is, cooler place.

Anti-Solar panels
Lighting up nights with Anti-Solar Panels

Anti solar panel radiate heat to the night sky. By using the passive cooling method, the upper part of the plate becomes cooler than the lower part of the plate.
Thus a temperature difference is created. This difference leads to power generation.
So, we are using coolness of the night by radiating infrared rays. We are also creating the same type of temperature difference, as seen in solar panels, to generate power. We do not depend on heat.

Credit: Aaswath Raman

Filling The Gaps –

Behind every invention, we need a reason or something that is pulling us backward. We have commercialized solar panels to generate power from the sunlight. Yet, some limitations also exist, and we needed to overcome that.

This is where Anti-Solar Panels have stepped in.

Let us know why it was essential to have Anti-Solar Panels:

– After massive disasters like a hurricane or tidal surge, we see blackouts in the affected area due to damages electric grids. In 2017, Hurricane Maria left 3 million people without working lights, which lasted for months.

This is when we need Anti-Solar Panels to use nights for generating power so that people do not deprive of electricity in affected areas. So we can use this in disaster management.

– The main drawback of solar plants is the limitation of power generation at night. So Anti-Solar panels fill the gap.

– This is a new technology that is not dependent on heat to generate power. Instead, we are utilizing the coolness.

– For the first time, we can charge electronic devices at completely off-grid places. So, we can avoid the challenges of the grid system.Moreover, in the post-disaster period, damaged grids can cause problems too. Now, we can avoid them also.

– In Polar Regions, we can see sunlight once a month. Thus, the continuous supply of power was not possible earlier without wired electric supply.

Scopes ahead Of Anti solar panel –

Anti-solar panels seem promising for a complete transformation of the energy sector. If you are still thinking that I am over-ambitious, you might need to think twice. Here’s why:

– At a very low cost, this device already produces enough electricity to light an LED bulb from the darkness.

– Wind and solar vary due to the weather and are not dispatched according to the grid’s needs. So, anti-solar panels can give a continued supply of cleaner energy as it does not depend on the weather. This will lead to tackling climate change by reducing GHG emissions.

– We can reduce dependency on daylight. Nighttime applications are possible where sunlight is not available.

Challenges ahead of ‘Anti Solar Cell’ –

– The prototype is in the assessment and research stage. Researchers are trying to find feasibility before we can be commercialized. So this is a challenge at this point.

– While solar panels produce 100W of electricity from one square meter of the panel, anti-solar panels seem to provide only 25MW, which is very less. So, to increase the efficiency of anti-solar panels is a challenge to know the extent of use

– Lowering the cost of materials to make anti-solar panels needs to be lower than solar panels for extensive use by stakeholders, which is in process.

Conclusion –

Researchers are trying to increase the efficiency of the 20-cm prototype of anti-solar panels. We can hope for something amazing to step in the renewable energy sector and leave some resources for our future generations to come. The researchers are hopeful for this sustainable device too! So, let’s join in. For more updates, keep an eye on our blog. We’ll let you know about all the futuristic green tech coming in.



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