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Welcome to ecowowlife.com. 'Ecowowlife' is an Environmental Hub or blog, which promotes Eco-friendly livelihood & thoughts for a smart & sustainable future thorough and impactful research and articles on different environmental issues.Eco Wow Life connects people around the world with opportunities for sharing exceptional and innovative ideas. 

Since we started, our writers and editors have eyes and ears across the world of exceptional and innovative ideas for saving the ecosystem & the mother earth from ancient technology to green tech, water conservation, waste management, wildlife conservation, collaborative consumption, and mindful eco-friendly living. 

It’s a green living network hub that empowers users to independently think positively and amplify their goodness - get knowledge about Eco-friendly livelihood & products for a smart & sustainable future through our articles on climate change issues.

Our editorial panel keeps eyes on Global warming, Uses of Renewable Energy, Eco parenting, Pollution, Carbon emission, & the latest climate change issues. Also, we provide green living tips, eco-friendly lifestyles idea, organic livelihood & more green talks that help to find the way for reducing the carbon footprint for the better environment for the next generation.

Our Motto

We are enormously torturing our earth by everyday lifestyle; it’s the right time to work on for our survival by combating climate change & global warming with innovative green living tips, green product reviews, eco-friendly lifestyles, eco parenting, pollution less practice, biodiversity conservation, organic gardening, hydroponics & composting tips, & more green sustainable talks that will guide you through limiting carbon emission & increase of renewable energy uses.

Our main mottos are:
  • To increase awareness about present climate change issues
  • Provoke people to adopt green living practices; thus, we can collectively or elaborately reduce the carbon emission.
  • Adopt Sustainable and Renewable earth energy sources for future energy security.
  • Emphasis the sustainable development project.

Our Slogan

Do Something Green Or Do Nothing!!

Do Something Green Or Do Nothing!! Yes, wisely cut off the way you are living, which occurred a negative impact on the environment. Try to live more with green practice; thus, can you save yourself and come up with you in a better environment for living. It's not only our duty; it's now a necessity to heal the earth and make it greener for the nextgeneration to live securely.

Our Vision

We showcase exceptional and innovative ideas with a real sense and spirit of well-being in reaching the Eco-friendly green living. We search & uphold extraordinary lengths for our readers, creating emotional attachments by sharing highly personalized articles, features & research paper with authentic source & information.

Team Eco Wow life is passionate about connecting with each user with informative & creative writing. Together with a growing community of organizations excited about doing well, the diverse and growing team comes along to make a positive change in the world.

We want to acquaint and put through the grind as many people as possible of all the exciting sustainable development program along with innovative futuristic technology taking place around the world.

In doing so, we hope we will energize you, inform you, and at the same time, provoke you to go ecofriendly with the news and tips we bring.

Through this process, firmly, we believe, will motivate you to take actionable steps towards a better environment for our next generation.

Meet The Expert: Our Editorial Team


Atik Mollick

MSc in Natural Resources & Disaster Management
BSc in Environmental Science
PGD in Disaster Management
Email: [email protected]
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/atik-mollick-b32a371a/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rmollick

Md. Atiqur Rahman Mollick is working in the environmental & development sector for more than nine & a half years. He worked in different national & international organizations in the environmental sector since 2009. He has the purpose of increasing his positive footprint in this world through his work, he believes to create changes, it is important to generate awareness and speak about how to act from the findings from the research for sustainable resource management. Earlier, he served as the Project Officer under Value for Waste Project, Swisscontact (2013- 2016). Over his career, he served O.CREEDS Ltd., Environment & Population Research Center, Asian Development Bank, The East-West Center under the University of Hawaii through different short-term & long-term projects. He has a strong track record in project management and research related report writing for national & international programs.

Atik Mollick

Sub-Editor and Environmental Article Writer EcoWowLife

Nabila Rahman

BS in Environmental Science 
Email:[email protected]

Nabila Rahman is a mother, former Business Environment lecturer, writer, and she has a working experience as a writer in CNI - a digital newspaper in ‘Motamot’ section. Her motivation for writing is awakening people to reach another dimension to eco-friendly hi-tech future for the betterment of our mother earth. She strongly believes in this critical era of Global Warming, and we don’t have options to waste our time.