25 Renewable Energy Facts and Stats might surprise you!!

Facts About Renewable Energy
Facts About Renewable Energy
Facts About Renewable Energy
Facts About Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector is racing faster than you think. In this write-up, you can get all the latest, interesting facts and data on renewable energy at one click.

We’ve collected and combined the highest number of latest renewable energy facts and data for you to make your search easy!

Let’s explore amazing new renewable fan facts to be shocked and surprised at the same time!

25 cool facts on renewable energy you’ve never heard of

  1. The first solar-powered plane completed the world tour landing on Abu Dhabi in 2015. Another solar-powered plane took flew in stages using on fuel at all in 1990.
Abu Dhabi Solar Plant
Abu Dhabi Solar Plant

2. The largest wind turbine is located in Hawaii that aims to generate 100% electricity demand within 2045. The wind turbine has blades of the length of a football pitch and stands 20 stories tall.

3. According to WWF (World Wildlife Fund), it is possible to generate electricity enough to meet the global demand from renewable resources by 2050.

4. Investors in Hungary, United States, and Netherlands developed the first battery-powered vehicle during 1800.

5. Google, Apple and Facebook heading towards powering the web through green energy.

6. Fossil fuels receive subsidies 20 times more than of renewables.

7. China built 2 wind turbines every hour, as they did since 2017.

renewable facts china
Renewable Energy facts china

8. Renewable energy market is projected to reach worth US 777.6 Billion by 2019.

9. Small nations like Costa Rica and Iceland are generating all of its electricity from renewables.

10. According to IRENA, installed global renewable capacity doubled since 2008.

11. Big nations producing the highest clean energies are Canada and Brazil.

12. Women represent 32% of the global renewable energy workforce.

13. 71% of women face wage disparity in the renewable energy sector according to IRENA.

14. A power plant in Spain captured sun rays in a special salt to distribute during the night over 7 hours, enabling people to see sun rays during night.

15. Sunlight reaching the earth in an hour is enough to meet energy demands for an entire year if harnessed properly.

16. Comparing the continents, Asia generated the highest (200000MW) amount of electricity by solar energy in 2016.

17. Europe stood first in generating the highest electricity by wind energy in 2016 (350000MW).

18. Solar energy can be stored in salt by a technique called Solar Reserve.

25 Renewable Energy Facts and Stats might surprise you!!

19. One wind turbine can provide power to 1400 households.

20. Solar and wind energy do not have input costs.

21. South Africa has some of the best renewable energy resources in the world with the most stable solar radiations.

22. We do not receive the same energy that we purchase.

23. Unless a cost-effective storage system is adopted, even renewables are dependent on firm power that is, indirectly on non-renewables.

24. Birds are more likely to die near wind turbines.

25. ‘Renewable energy is too expensive’ is a myth

25 amazing Renewable energy data or statistics

  1. Modern renewable energy consumption reaches up to 5000Twh globally having 4000twh only for hydropower.

2. The United States invested around 44.11 billion$ while China invested around 102.90 billion$ in renewable energy in 2015.

3. Britain is gradually phasing out coal.

4. Renewables account for only 1.6% of the global energy.

5. Global Solar Atlas is a free, web-based tool to support investors and policymakers classify potential sites for solar power generation virtually every place in the world, at the click of a button.

Renewable Energy Facts
Source: World Bank

6. India has launched the International Solar Alliance comprised of over 120 nations within the tropic of Capricorn for integration of solar grid systems along with World Bank.

Renewable Facts
Source: isolaralliance.org

7. The largest operational single-site solar project is located at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates with a capacity to generate 1,177MW and is an 870 million$ project.

8. Itiapu hydroelectric dam was the largest until China built The Three Gorges Dam in 2012 with a capacity of 22.500 MW of electricity compared to 14,000 MW generated by Itapúa Dam.

9. Afghanistan stands as the lowest energy-consuming country.

10. Highest renewable installations are in China (700,000 MW).

11. London Array is the world’s largest offshore wind farm.

12. AK-1000, the largest tidal energy turbine in the world is expected to power 200,000 households over half of Scotland; once completed.

13. Siemens, a new data center of United States taps energy from sewage to power the servers.

Renewable facts-hydropower
Source: International Hydropower Assocoation

14. While only 8GW of installed solar power was available ten years ago, the world surpassed 1000GW in 2019.

15. Some of the world’s biggest fund managers said that they would invest in only those companies that welcome climate risks into their strategies.

16. Ireland turns into the first country to deny from fossil fuels.

17. Wind turbines are required to keep motionless during low speed of the wind as bats stay active during low speed of the wind and thus could save the life of bats.

18. Thin-film photo voltaic cells contain toxic materials than the traditional ones that may impose environmental and public health if not handled or disposed of properly.

19. Land use is a challenge for all the renewable installations.

20. 2015 witnessed more than 100 cities to be powered 70% from renewables.

21. Over 310GW of storage capacity will be required by China, India, US, and EU alone, which is twice the installed capacity worldwide.

22. 1GW solar energy is enough to power 100 million LED lights.

23. Community complaints about noise pollution from wind turbines dropped rapidly when they derived income from the renewable energy projects in question.

24. Estimation for fossil fuel depletion shows the period of next the 50-120 years only.

25. The earliest fossil fuel deposits found are traced back to 500 million years ago, when most groups of animals appeared first on earth.


Inexhaustible energy, reducing energy dependence, and competitive technologies globally, international fund transfers for promoting renewable energy to combat climate change are all main factors behind all nations to target towards a sustainable environment.

Moreover, 1.1 billion inhabitants do not have access to electricity and 2.7 billion people use conventional methods at risk to their health which makes it crucial to promote renewable energy; especially in developing countries.

By effective endeavors, governments of all nations are ensuring clean energies as mentioned in the renewable energy facts in this article. Through suitable technologies and solving challenges of this sector, renewable energy can pave towards a successful shield against global warming in the future.

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