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Why Green Living Matter in 2021? The Ultimate Guide Of Green Lifestyle!!

Green living matters in 20th century, switching to an eco-friendly lifestyle individually and living a simple and sustainable life through the society that will guide us to combat climate change effect. That's why the individual choice of green and simple lifestyle will be matter in the coming days. Our combined personal green lifestyle practice and realization will be significant...

7+Worst Pandemics in history & how we overcome those

Worst Pandemics in history
Throughout history, infectious disease and worst pandemics in the history has killed more human beings than any other cause. In recent times The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 a pandemic. This is a breakthrough event. As human civilizations bloomed, so did infectious disease. Civilizations demand proximity to large numbers of people living with each other and...

Neoliberalism and Climate Change: How It became the enemy of the Environment?

neoliberalism climate change
Neoliberalism and climate change are connected; actually, they make vice versa relationship, which isn't good enough. How slowly Neoliberalism climate change become the enemy of the environment?  In this write-up, I open the discussion about How climate issues became mere business deals with this Neoliberalism dogma and how it's manipulating the climate issues.

New Hope!!Bioplastic jute poly bag-The next big thing! Scientist Invents Biodegradable Plastic bag from jute!!

Bioplastic jute poly bag
Jute out the polyethylene!!! Isn't it sound interesting? Yes, Sonali bag is the breakthrough!Bangladeshi Scientist Invents Bioplastic jute poly bag Made From Jute!!In an age where plastic and artificial products are rampant in everyday use, scientists and modern-day innovators have been on edge trying to find an alternative. While developed nations have spent millions of dollars in...

Why it’s crucial to understand the fill factor of solar cell? How it’s affecting the efficiency of PV cells?

Fill Factor of Solar Cell
Is it tough to understand the fill factor of solar cells? And is it essential to know the Fill factor and Efficiency of a solar cell?  The answer is: No!! It isn't hard, but it's imperative to understand if you want to know how tot  improve a solar cell's efficiency?? Understanding...

19+ Eco Tactics or Green practices helps you to go green in daily life!!Small steps towards a green world

Eco tactics : Green practices helps you to go green
It is a misconception that it is difficult to lead an eco-friendly life. Applying some Eco tactics or small and easy green steps in your daily activities can bring big changes in this world. We listed down significant but small steps you can take towards an eco-friendly living, which we call ‘green or sustainable practices.’ You will...

12+Greening Offices Tips, ideas, activities : Re-think the philosophy to a Sustainable & productive workplace!!

Greening Offices
Here you can find some elaborate, simple tips on Greening Offices ideas, activities, and initiatives to boost your working productivity without damaging the environment. These actionable greening offices tips can reduce your office carbon footprint dramatically and make your workplace more eco-friendly. Even lot of big companies already start their corporate social responsibility (CSR) for urging their...

Your must known facts of Climate Change!!Causes, Effects & Solutions

Even a minor increase in global temperatures can have significant impacts on our planet and its inhabitants. Greenhouse Gas has a substantial role in Global warming. Despite this, Climate change still is a topic of debate where the fact of climate change need to be understood as the cause of climate change is exact, but the effects of climate...

15 Shocking Facts of Sustainable Fashion!!

Sustainable Development is the hotcake now. The fashion industry is not lagged behind too. Starting from production to your wardrobe, every step needs to be environmentally friendly if we want this industry to be sustainable.  We have presented to you everything basic that you need to know about facts of sustainable fashion, what the hype is about, and history of...

Eco Camping for Eco conscious Camper!Guide of sustainable camping!

Eco Camping- Guide of Sustainable camping
Eco-camping seems like adventuring sustainably; This article is the ultimate guide or overview of eco camping along with its importance, impacts, benefits, and some cool tips on how to achieve this carbon-free camping? In an age where the use of vacationing and backpacking runs rampant in the modern-day traveler, the concept of camping might seem outdated. But surprisingly more and...