Frameless Solar Panel: An Energy Source With Aesthetic Look and More Efficiency

Frameless Solar Panel

As a green energy source, solar panel is outstanding. It has a minimal carbon footprint; from the beginning, it’s been growing and expanding as a full-scale renewable energy source.

And various types of panels are emerging as helping instruments of non-pollutant energy consumption.

Frameless solar modules appear as a significant portion of solar panels of different kinds. Despite having some shortcomings, it has unique possibilities. 

What is a Frameless Solar Panel? 

Frameless Solar Panels are as good as Traditional Solar Panels in core functions. So, the question remains, why are Frameless Solar Panels creating massive hype in social media?

What makes Frameless Solar Panel unique from Conventional Solar Panels? And should you buy one? Or is it just a marketing policy the corporates use to create hype on the internet? 

First and foremost, let’s talk about Frameless Solar Panels. Frameless Solar Panels are smooth and glossy solar modules, and glasses are used on both sides to create these modules.

Hence, this design helps the system to improve light transmissions. The effect is astonishing because it builds an aesthetic view on your rooftop and upgrades the efficiency of the solar panels. 

outdoor solar energy

Components of Frameless Solar Panels

Unlike traditional solar panels, frameless solar panels have no aluminium. As solar panels remain sandwiched between two sleek pieces of glass, they are also known as Glass-to-Glass Panels.

Now, let’s go through the breakdown of the Frameless Solar Panels to understand what makes frameless Solar Panels ‘Frameless Solar Panels‘.

Glass Layers: Two glasses, 2mm to 2.5mm in thickness, are used as layers that protect the solar cells and other solar panel parts from structural damage. These glass layers increase the strength of the solar panels. 

Glass layers of a frameless solar panel;

Solar Cells: It is the crucial component of every solar panel, which receives sunlight and converts it to electrical energy.

In the cases of Frameless Solar Panels, most modules are monocrystalline; however, some companies may produce polycrystalline modules. 

Ethyl Vinyl Acetate: This material is unique in the case of Frameless Solar Panels, and reason is; this material works as an encapsulant for solar cells.

Thin sheets of Ethyl Vinyl Acetate remain placed at the front and rear sides of the solar panels. 

Clams: These aluminium-based materials are the mounting structure of the Frameless Solar Panels.

The distinction between Traditional and Frameless Solar Panels

Let’s make a table to quickly understand the differences between Traditional and Frameless Solar panels. 

FactorsFrameless Solar PanelsTraditional Solar Panels
Looks and StylesAesthetical looks with glossy glass designsStandard Solar Panels with conventional setup.
Overall PerformanceBetter light transmittance. Hence, better performance.Standard light transmittance, hence, average performance
Performance in High TemperatureCan survive in high temperatureOverheat under high temperatures. Thus, it leads to lower performance.
LifespanOver 30 years25 to 30 years
ConclusionHigher return on your investment.Standard return on your investment

Performance of Frameless Solar Panels

It is a fact that Frameless Solar Panels have higher performance than Traditional Solar Panels. Hence, this fact raises the question; what makes Frameless Solar Panels perform better? Here’s the reason: 

  • High Light Transmittance of Frameless Solar Panels.
  • Fewer leaks in terms of electron flows (Current)
solar energy in sunny enviorenment

High light transmittance is an amazing feature of frameless solar panels;

In opposition, we should consider that the underlying substance behind the Frameless Solar panels can cause limitations.

This substance mentioned above beneath the panels can hamper the overall performance of the solar cells by creating unpredictability in the solar panels’ power.

However, in the end, Frameless Solar Panels still have better performance than regular solar panels. Studies show that after 30 years of usage, it will still have 85% of its original producibility.

Different Companies for Frameless Solar Panels

The market leaders of Frameless Solar Panels are; 

  • Maxeon Solar Technologies
  • Solarwatt
  • Lumos Solar
  • Prism Solar
  • SolarWorld
  • Canadian Solar Inc.
  • Silfab Solar Inc.
  • Trina Solar
  •  LONGi Solar
  • Yingli Solar
  • LG Solar
  • JinkoSolar

The efficiency of Frameless Solar Panels

Generally, frameless solar panels show a broader efficiency range than conventional ones.

Most of the famous traditional solar panels provide 20 to 25% efficiency. Inversely, frameless solar panels churn out almost 30% efficiency. 

Busbars and Rear sides are unique attributes of frameless solar panels. The rear sides of the frameless solar panel produce more power, whereas the conventional panels don’t have this feature. 

Implementation of Frameless Solar Panels

Standard Way of Implementation

Manufacturers nowadays produce customized clams for Frameless Panels. A unique rubber material, also known as EPDM, is given by the producers and can attach Frameless Solar Panels on the roofs.

Adhesive-Based Installation

Adhesive mounts are suited for installing the Frameless Solar Panels on flat grounds. This strategy eliminates the traditional methods of using metal racks. 

Some Recommendations while Implementing Frameless Solar Panels

  • Tightening and reinforcing the panels can cause damage to the glass.
  • While implementing Mega-Project of Frameless Solar Panels, it is safer and cost-efficient to use a robotic mounting system.
Tightening and reinforcing the panels can cause damage to the glass;

Pros and Cons of Frameless Solar Panels

Aesthetical BeautyHigher Manufacturing Cost 
Higher Efficiency & PerformanceComplex Mounting Structure
Long-LastingFewer Manufacturer
Cost-EffectiveLess Availability of Complex Parts 
Lower Carbon Emission RateLack of recognition and acknowledgments 

Facts about Frameless Solar Panels

  • Frameless Solar Panels are more aesthetic, efficient, productive, and long-lasting than Traditional Solar Panels.
  • Due to a lack of awareness, the popularity of frameless solar panels has not peaked. 
  • There are fewer manufacturers, as the market for Frameless Solar Panels is niche. 


Q-1: What’s unique in a frameless solar panel?

  • Frameless solar panels don’t have an aluminum frame, so these panels have glass only. This feature is perfect for light transference. Subsequently, the power efficiency gets better. 

Q-2: Are frameless panels sustainable? 

  • Yes, they are. If there are no additional problems, a frameless panel could provide power for about 30 years without problems. 

Q-3: What’s the main difficulty of frameless solar panels?  

  • To install these panels, consumers need unique mounting structures. Usually, these components are not so standard in the markets. 


Frameless solar panels are new additions to solar energy. It’s aesthetic and suits average households, which is its uniqueness.

The performance of a frameless panel isn’t less than a traditional solar panel, and they are long-lasting as a power source. New versions of frameless solar panels may shortly appear with more efficiency and durability. 


The frameless solar panel is eccentric because it contains no aluminium frame. It has only glass on both sides, a unique attribute that helps light transfer.

Many manufacturing companies are forming frameless solar panels as a renewable energy source in today’s world.

Besides being cost-effective, it’s also comely to look. As the industry of frameless solar panels is still growing, all panel components are not easy to find in the market yet.

Still, having a bright future could be the perfect and slight answer to household energy needs.  


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