19+ Eco Tactics or Green practices helps you to go green in daily life!!Small steps towards a green world

Eco tactics : Green practices helps you to go green
Simple Eco tactics or Green practices helps you to go green in daily life: Small steps towards a green world

It is a misconception that it is difficult to lead an eco-friendly life. Applying some Eco tactics or small and easy green steps in your daily activities can bring big changes in this world. We listed down significant but small steps you can take towards an eco-friendly living, which we call ‘green or sustainable practices.’ You will also find excellent and effective ecofriendly ways to reduce your carbon footprint in this world that we compiled for you.

Begin your eco-friendly green sustainable lifestyle with all our tips, and you’ll be proud of yourself being a responsible human being with good environmental ethics. Take time to read through about go eco-friendly living, ways to reduce carbon footprint, green or sustainable practices, eco-friendly living, Eco tactics to lead an eco-friendly life.

Does Eco-friendly Living Seem Difficult To Cope With? Maybe You Should Think Once More!

Does Eco-friendly Living Seem Difficult To Cope With? Maybe You Should Think Once More!

Every person wants to breathe fresh, live in harmony with the green world. When it comes to contributing individually, we are generally very busy or reluctant because we find it challenging to find ways to go eco-friendly.

It is high time we give back to our mother nature as our resources are very scarce. We are running out of fossil fuels, witnessing global warming as a part of massive international economic development at the cost of industrial pollution. However, that does not mean we have nothing to do in our lifestyle.

Going eco-friendly means avoiding extravagant lifestyles, reducing our carbon footprint and promoting green practices in our daily lives. If we want, it’s not difficult to lead an eco-friendly life. Some people may ask you ‘Why do you need to bother so much?’; you can refer to him the famous quote given by Alanis Obomsawin “When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money.”

Adopting some green practices and tricks you can easily cope with this phenomenal concepts.

Eco tactics and Sustainable Green Practices you can adapt very easily

1. Avoid ‘vampire power’ :

You may have a misconception on the standby mode of devices using less electricity, but this is not true. They consume electricity even if they powered down, and this is called vampire power. In the U.S alone, vampire power drains up energy worth 19$ billion every year. So, unless you are using devices, keep them unplugged.


2.Go Cycling!

Encourage your family to go cycling when travelling places nearby. Drive less to reduce fossil fuel emissions from your car every time you move.


3.Public Transports are saviors!

In U.s, public transports save 37 million tons of CO2 emissions every year. You can always reduce emissions from your lifestyle by using public transports and discourage private cars.


4.Sales and Offers are not always good

Running after-sales and offers without looking at your wardrobe? That’s bad! ‘Fast Fashion’ refers to retailers approaching you with trendy outfits and products at reasonable prices with different lucrative ads. You may not think twice about replacing the old ones and throwing away, but that’s certainly a waste of resources. Also remember, that product you are throwing away, came to you at the cost of child labor, chemical runoff into water bodies, GHG emissions from the factory it was made in. So, it’s better to adopt reusable clothing and cloth swaps among family and friends.


5.Don’t let your city turn into Urban Heat Islands

Due to excessive buildings and lack of green, urban areas experience a rise in temperature leading to heat traps that we can call urban heat islands. You can always plant gardens around your house or do rooftop gardening as a relief to your city. Your children will surely love the greens, flowers and fruits while they learn gardening as wel

6.Initiate Community Environmental Steps

Tired of seeing people being irresponsible towards nature while you are doing everything alone? Go for community initiatives like cleaning up the area, setting up bins in the locality or conducting awareness campaigns about littering and pollution among school-going children and many more. You can also donate to environmentally friendly organizations. Be the change

7.Low-Flow Fixtures are amazing!

We surely want a relaxing shower or bath every day, not worrying about anything else. This is when low-flow fixtures in your bathroom can give you the relaxation simultaneously; making you economical with water conservation.

8. Always go for 5rs of waste management rules.

Don’t forget the golden rules of The 5 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle.


How Eco friendly practices and tricks helps to reduce the individual carbon footprint:

The best thing you can do for the environment is by acting individually. If we all think the same way, then 7.7 billion people will respond. While contributing from your own family, you can personally adopt green practices in your daily life, and thus, carbon footprint reduces. Reducing carbon footprint means reducing the resource consumption from this world directly or indirectly based on your lifestyle. Let’s check a few tips on how you can do this:

How Eco friendly practices and tricks helps to reduce individual carbon footprint
  1. Cover up pans with lids while cooking; food heats up faster by saving heat energy.

2. Leather products come to you at the cost of animal cruelty. Avoid leather.

3. One ton of paper towel comes at the expense of 20 trees and 20,000 gallons of water. You can use reusable dish towels instead.

4. Save the peels of fruits and vegetables for organic compost for your rooftop gardening! It will save money for buying compost, giving you a good quality of compost.

5. Most bar soaps are packaged in cardboard anyways, so using bar soaps instead of liquefied soaps packaged in plastic is a green practice to.

6. Carry your own shopping bag instead of taking a lot of plastic bags from different shops while you go shopping

7. Avoid buying single-use plastics or over-packaged products while you buy your daily essentials. Carry your own water bottle, metal or pasta straw and your own cup of tea to reduce the use of plastics. You can reduce the demand for plastics, thus controlling supply on the other side.

8. LED bulbs use 80% less energy than normal ones. LED bulbs use 80% less energy than normal ones. You can get LED bulbs for energy-efficient of your home.

9. Old gas and oil boilers take up excess fuel. Consider changing yours if they are 15 years or more.

10. Buy products that are cruelty, free and natural. Toxic chemicals are harmful for you too and we all need to care about animals!

11. A single return flight from London to New York emits a quarter of an average person’s annual emissions. Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the number of trips, if possible.

12. Avoid littering for the rest of your lives because the litter can pollute waterbodies and even choke animals to death without letting you know.

13. Install solar panels on your rooftop to promote renewables sustainable green energy.

14. Teach your children not to mistreat stray animals and teach them animal ethics. Go for eco parenting. Raise your children ecofriendly way and live eco life.

Here are many ways how you can contribute to a greener world. Many organizations along with many big giant companies already start their green journey to adopting some green strategy which are completely environmentally friendly. You can applying some cool simple eco tactics to promote these too, a point is, not being pressured to this world just because the world gives us so much to live with. Just like being compassionate towards family, it is helpful to be compassionate towards animals and natural resources to love in harmony, as we discussed in this write-up. There are many more ways. Do share with us your ideas.

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