#10 Cool Solar Energy Myths and Facts That Blow Your Mind!!

Solar Energy Myths and Facts

Undoubtedly, solar energy is an excellent option to adopt. This system can reduce carbon emission, which is the fatal effect of fossil fuel energy plants. Not only that, but solar energy also doesn’t create any tension about the fuel crisis.

But some popular beliefs say that solar energy is not usable for many reasons. Many of us think of them as fact. But the truth is entirely different. Let’s have a look at these solar energy myths and facts. 

If you are thinking, What is The Most Interesting Fact About Solar Energy, then You are in the right place.

In this article, we are going to share the most astonishing myths and facts about solar energy. Here we discuss the top sustainable and renewable solar energy myths and facts:

Solar energy myths and facts
  • Is Solar Energy Only Works in a Sunny Environment?
  • Energy Spending Amount of Solar System is More Significant Than the Achievement?
  • Solar Power Merges with Non-Renewable Energy in the grid, So it’s Not Renewable?
  • Maintenance of Solar Power Creates More Pollution?
  • After Finishing the Lifetime, it’s Terrible for The Climate?
  • Solar Farms Increase Land Wastage at a Large Scale?
  • Solar Panels Create Loud Sounds?
  • Solar Energy Can’t Power a Whole City or Village Alone?
  • Moving a Solar System After Installation is Impossible?
  • High-Priced Batteries Need to Make Solar Panels Work?

Let’s Deep Dive into the main topic:

Solar Energy Myths and Facts 1: Is Solar Energy Only Works in a Sunny Environment?

solar energy in sunny enviorenment

Reality: Obviously, it’s not true. Solar energy can work in any kind of environment. The technology of solar panels has upgraded time to time to adapt to the climate. Even in the cold winter, lesser sunlight can work to produce electricity. This is true for the cloudy environment too.

Indeed, in the beginning, the climate state was a significant factor for solar power. But the present situation is very easier than ever. Countries like Italy, China, and England have become fruitful examples of solving these problems. So this is our number 1 solar energy myth and fact.

Solar Energy Interesting Facts #2: Energy Spending Amount of Solar System is More Significant Than the Achievement

Reality: After the sunshine matter, here comes the deal of energy spending. It’s a common belief that the power system needs more energy to work, but the outcome is smaller in comparison. But the real picture shows that electricity produced by the solar panel can be more abundant in amount.

It’s a fact that the manufacturing and maintenance cost is lesser than the net achievement. National Renewable Energy Laboratory, an American organization, shows that success can be 4 times greater than the spending if applied. It takes second place in our solar energy myths facts list.

Myth 3: In the grid, Solar Power Merges with Non-Renewable Energy, So it’s Not Renewable 

Reality: As the energy spending matter, there are myths related to the grid system. Many of us think that solar energy is not renewable because of its merger in the grid system. Well, the fact is that both renewable and non-renewable energy are jumbled together.

So, renewability doesn’t depend on the matter of the grid system. Again, one can get 100% renewable solar power by not mixing it with the grid system.  Electricity can be 100% renewable by not using the grid. But it doesn’t mean that with the grid system, solar power is non-renewable. This is the number 3 solar energy myth and fact in our list.

Myth 4: Maintenance of Solar Power Creates More Pollution

Reality: our next solar energy myth and fact is about the pollution that solar energy creates. Comparing with renewability, the matter of maintenance pollution is more prevalent in the public sphere.

First of all, polluting agents created by solar power can be recycled very easily. Moreover, if applied, a large amount of Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxide will not appear in the air. Researches show that households in the USA using solar electricity emits less Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Oxides than the oil and gas-based electricity.

It means that using solar energy lowers pollution and doesn’t increase it. That’s why solar power is said to be an excellent choice to install.

Myth 5: After Finishing the Lifetime, it’s Terrible for The Climate

Reality: Along with the myth of manufacturing problems, another matter goes on popularly. Many people think that a solar plant is harmful after its longevity finishes. Undoubtedly, this is overwhelming.

A standard solar panel generally owns a maximum lifetime of 25 years. After this, it can be recycled and made ready for use again. It can be easier if the consumers inform the manufacturers of related agencies. Moreover, sometimes solar panels can be recycled without any cost. So, it’s not true that solar panels become harmful after their longevity ends.

Myth 6: Solar Farms Increase Land Wastage at a Large Scale 

Reality: This myth is not less popular than the tale of the afterlife of a solar panel. Of course, solar farms need proper space to introduce. But it requires less land space than coal or petroleum-based electricity plant. Let’s take an example. 1 Kilowatt of electricity can produce in the area of 100 square feet of panels using solar power.

Similarly, 1 Megawatt of electricity production by solar panel needs 100,000 square feet of panels. If we think about it clearly, it’s not a massive amount of space. Not only that but domestic animals and crops can also stay alongside solar farms without any harm. There is no question of land wastage created by solar energy farms. So this earns the 6th place in our solar energy myths and facts list

Myth 7: Solar Panels Create Loud Sounds

Reality: After the land wastage myth, the matter of loud sounds comes. Even many admirers of solar power believe it as a fact. But the truth is different. The equipments of a solar panel works in a silent mood generally.

There is no loud sound which can create sound pollution. Sometimes the invertor of a panel indeed creates a soft noise. But recent updates made it more silent than the previous versions. Moreover, noise caused by the invertor does not appear at night when quietness is needed more than other times.

Myth 8: Solar Energy Can’t Power a Whole City or Village Alone

Reality: Now, it’s another myth claimed by different people and experts. They think that it’s impossible to provide power to a whole city or village with only solar panels.

But nowadays, residential solar panels are becoming popular in many parts of the world. Not only that, but this system can also be connected with the grid system so that the power connection won’t stop.

To provide sufficient electricity, it doesn’t need the accompany of fossil fuel energy. Let’s take an example. Solar Mega Watt Photovoltaic system is an excellent example of area energy connections. If family solar panels and area solar systems can join to make a greater one, a whole village or city can be covered easily.

Myth 9: Moving a Solar System After Installation is Impossible

Reality: Well, it’s not entirely false at all, rather a deformation of the truth. Moving a solar panel to install at another place is kind of complicated, though it’s not entirely impossible. To make things easier, new ads have been summed with it.

In a short time, solar panels are relatively easy to have a power supply. It’s a little challenging to reinstall a solar panel, though not impossible. When reinstalling is completed, it works very smoothly.

Myth 10: High-Priced Batteries Need to Make Solar Panels Work

Reality: our final solar energy myth and fact is that to make solar panels work, high-priced batteries are essential. Many myths about solar panel batteries exist, which are the opposite of reality.

One of those is that solar panels don’t work at all without expensive batteries. Some off-grid solar panel needs batteries. But most of the solar panels work in entirely different ways. They don’t need any battery at all.

Today, solar panels connect with the grid system. If the production of electricity becomes shorter for any reason, the grid system can fill up the shortage in a natural way. Again, excess power can go into the grid. So, the myth of batteries for solar panels is not valid, undoubtedly.


Solar power is becoming a smart choice of energy in recent times. It’s easy to install and provides electricity in a renewable way. It’s eco-friendly and doesn’t cause any kind of harm to any living being.

And its technology is upgrading day by day. But there are many wrong beliefs related to solar panels are accepted among people. In maximum cases, the reality shows different pictures about it.

 We hope you got the point about Solar Energy Myths and Facts and What is The Most Interesting Fact About Solar Energy.



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